Set Up an Educational Fair

What is an education fair? If your company or organization supports associate continuing education, offers tuition reimbursement, or needs employees to earn college credits, you can easily schedule the colleges to come to you. Instead of contacting 10 difference colleges, you just need to contact SEWEC. All a company needs to do is provide a space in a large conference room or cafeteria and SEWEC members will come during the designated times and set up tables to answer any questions your associates may have about attending college. You can customize which colleges attend based on offerings and needs of your employees.  

Step One: Fill out the form below

Step Two:Meet or discuss over the phone how easy it is to set up an education fair at no cost to you. You will review your options and ask any questions.


Schedule a date and time
On-site location
Whether or not to have a raffle (prizes supplied by SEWEC)


Step Three:Your SEWEC contact will do all the communicating with the 25 + schools. We will obtain an RSVP list for you, as well as provide you table tents and flyers to advertise the upcoming event.


Step Four:Set up the table tents and flyers around the office and in your cafeteria.


Step Five:A day or two prior to the education fair, send your employees an e-mail blast (For which we can provide a template) to remind them of the upcoming education fair.


Step Six:Provide your SEWEC representative with driving directions and parking information for school representatives.


Step Seven:Host a very successful education fair for your employees!